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eane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both the physical and mystical aspects of the practice of yoga. Her classes integrate dynamic vinyasa flow asana (linking movement with breath) with the application of precise alignment, meditation, visualization, intention and prayer to create an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. 

Since the beginning of her teaching career in 1994, many yoga, health and wellness sources have sought her insight and expertise. Having appeared on over twenty magazine covers, featured in over thirty magazine publications, Seane was a featured yoga contributor for’s ‘Spirit’ section and was seen on The Today Show with Matt Lauer. Over the course of her career, Seane has created four yoga DVD’s and one audio CD (see Products page) produced by Gaiam, Sounds True and Yoga Journal and has a new DVD on the chakras and the mind/body connection coming out in 2014.


Her Activism…

A long time activist for social and political change, in 1998, Seane created the yoga program at "Children of the Night," a shelter that houses and educates adolescent prostitutes in the Los Angeles area.  As a result of her work with sexually exploited children, by 2004, Seane went on to became a dedicated champion for YouthAIDS, whose mission is to raise funds, provide services, and spread national awareness about the global emergency of HIV/AIDS affecting our children worldwide. Within a year, in service to YouthAIDS, Seane created the 'Off the Mat, Into the World' campaign, with the intention to use her international platform to generate outreach within the yoga and wellness communities.  She was soon after named National Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS and has helped raised significant funds by creating benefit products with grass root businesses and hosting benefit events and concerts with celebrated speakers and musicians like Caroline Myss, SARK, Joan Borynsenko, Ben Taylor and Michael Franti. For their commitment and effort, Seane, along with YouthAIDS Global Ambassador Ashley Judd, were honored with the 2005 Songs of the Sacred Conscious Humanitarian Award. 

Power-to-the-Peaceful-Festival-2009In 2007, with the support of Julia Butterfly Hill and the Engage Network, and now with Suzanne Sterling and Hala Khouri on board as co-founders and co-leaders, Off the Mat, Into the World® (OTM) expanded to become a national leadership training program designed to help participants find their own unique purpose through yoga, creative inquiry and self-exploration exercises, as well as provide them with the organizational skills necessary to activate that purpose through local outreach and service oriented projects.  This effort, designed to initiate social circles of change in local communities nationwide, lives on through OTM’s ‘Yoga In Action’ program.  Since launching in 2007, OTM’s ‘Global Seva Challenge’ program has raised over $3.5 million for programs worldwide in Cambodia, South Africa, Uganda, Haiti and India, giving participants the opportunity to work in impoverished communities, providing support and aid, implementing projects and teaching yoga when appropriate. Each culture reveals their own unique challenges-which can include sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS, genocide, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse and/or natural disasters. OTM helps fund grass root organizations that work to serve the needs of their communities. Through this one-of-a-kind program, participants who commit to the 12-month challenge and reach their goal of $20k, get to go on a designated third world service related trip to a chosen country, participating first hand- leaving a legacy of change, financial assistance/aid, and getting educated around the injustices happening to our brothers and sisters worldwide. Some of the projects funded by this program include supporting established orphanages, purchasing land for the cultivation of rice for consumption and sales, building a sustainable bakery, a half-way house for young people in transition, an eco-birthing center, erecting nine solar powered large lamp posts in the middle of a village in Haiti, which by lighting the path cut down on rapes in the community, and providing micro-financing and loans to those in need. These are just a few of our many diverse projects.

Here in the US, OTM created a program for at-risk and marginalized youth called the ‘Empowered Youth Initiative’, bringing awareness, resources, education and aid to inner city youth and teens. Another important facet of OTM is The ‘Engage Springboard’ which is a year long program designed for our advanced regional leaders to help develop their own unique vision, provide additional training and support them in establishing their own organizations as registered 501c3 non-profits. Springboard projects include Yoga of 12 Step Recovery, Embody Love Movement and Yoga Gangsters, to name a few.  OTM is proud to have over 50,000 supporters, over 1300-trained yogi activists, 250 certified leaders, over 60 on-going local seva (service) projects, 25 international seva projects and 75 local community action groups.

During the 2008 and 2012 elections, Seane and Arianna Huffington came together along with The Huffington Post and OTM to create a wellness sanctuary for delegates, press and political officials called ‘The Huffington Oasis.’ The Oasis was hosted at both the RNC and DNC and created a dialogue/inquiry between those in the political sphere and those in the yoga, health and well-being industries to share the message of self-care, sustainability and how peace of mind leads to positive change in this country’s decision-making process. OTM realized there was a direct intersection between yoga and politics and recognized that the yoga community, as a positive force of change, could be impactful in shifting policy. So in 2012, OTM created a program called ‘YogaVotes’ with the intention of increasing yoga voter registration at the 2012 election. This non-partisan initiative created a much-needed dialogue within the community about yoga, values, citizen engagement, and the power of one’s vote. With the support of Congressman Tim Ryan and national best-selling authors and public speakers/visionaries Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, YogaVotes helped mobilize countless yogis to vote with awareness, connection and conscious participation.


Her Story…

Sean Corn Portrait Born in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey in 1966 to a loving and supportive family, Seane left home for New York City shortly after high school graduation.  Working in nightclubs and downtown cafes, she was first introduced to yoga in 1987 at Life Cafe in the East Village.  This funky cafe was a downtown epicenter for avant-garde artists, musicians, yuppies, homeless people and drug addicts.  David Life owned this eclectic hang out, and Seane worked as a waitress along side with his partner Sharon Gannon.  Sharon and David were both devoted to yoga and she witnessed their growth as practitioners and was inspired by the transformation she saw in them over the years.  Eventually David and Sharon went on to open the Jivamukti Yoga Centers, but it was during the five years at the café that Seane was introduced not only to yoga, but also art, vegetarianism, humanitarianism, and even politics.  It was also where she first became aware of the HIV/AIDS crisis as it was taking the life of many of her friends and co-workers at that time. During this same period, Seane began working with Norman Freeman, a Gestalt therapist and Zen Buddhist. Through him she learned the benefits of healing through self-inquiry.  Eventually, combining the asana practice with a commitment to the inner emotional and spiritual journey would become the foundation of her teaching.

In 1992, Seane moved to Los Angeles and began studying at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, while also working behind the desk as a receptionist.  Yoga Works at that time hosted the biggest teachers in the country and as an employee was able to take any workshop she desired.  She took advantage of this privilege and practiced with some of the most renowned teachers in the world including Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Eddie Modestini, Dona Hollerman, Gabriella Giubilaro Bryan Kest, Richard Freeman, Shandor Remete, Tim Miller, Patricia Walden and Lisa Walford.  She did her first teacher's training with Erich Schiffman in 1994, Bryan Kest in 1995, Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford in 1995 and 1996.  Through a passionate commitment to her own practice, her understanding of the physical application deepened, as did her appreciation for the science and intelligence of the body.

Seane-and-Michael--Courtesy-of-Mario-CovicDuring this period of extensive training Seane traveled throughout India, studying Ashtanga yoga with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, spending time at the Sri Aurobindo ashram and connecting to the spiritual teaching of Amma. She began exploring various spiritual and mystical modalities including tantra, occult, and shamanism and studied with various healers and spiritual mentors, including Barbara Soloman and Mona Miller, all whom educated her and deepened her awareness into the complexities of the human psyche and beyond. Exploring the work of Caroline Myss, Ph.D. and Anodea Judith, Seane studied the mind/body connection and the subtle energy centers (chakras), their psychological components, and the various parts of the body that would be affected by blocked or repressed emotion.  She learned to apply these metaphysical conceptions directly to the physical asana practice and her own practice began to evolve beyond the body as she explored the more mystical realms of yoga.  A passion she has to this day.

Seane’s work continues to evolve and is deeply influenced by many of the great traditions.  A uniquely modern yogini, both present to the challenging realities of contemporary life and deeply motivated by the great mystical teachings of inspired love, she’s dedicated to exploring truth in all the moments of life, both the light and the dark; elements found in all human experiences.  She approaches her life with a fierce willingness to learn and grow, and her commitment to make spirituality accessible and inspiring to all is reflected by her own willingness to deepen her personal understanding of the mysteries, and her desire to share all that she discovers along the way. "As we move, breathe, and experience ourselves the yoga practice becomes a Divine dance and ritual aligning not only our bodies, but also our own creative and intuitive natures," Seane says. "Through the integration of body and breath, movement and meditative awareness, we are made aware of the interdependency of all things, to the knowing that we are all here to learn about love, and that God- truth and love- is in all experiences.  Each of our moments, even if they break our hearts, are ultimately blessed if they can awaken us to our highest Self.”

Seane seaneOWStravels extensively year round, teaching workshops, conferences and trainings here in the US and abroad.  She lives in Topanga, CA with her two cats and fiancé.


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