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June 2011




Seane CornBy the time she was 19, SEANE CORN was waiting tables in New York 

City and partying too much. Craving something deeper, she wound up in a yoga class. Now, 22 years later, Corn is using the healing power of yoga to help sexually abused children and AIDS patients overcome their own challenges.


When you first tried yoga, how did you feel?

The physical techniques I learned-working through difficult poses by staying calm and breathing--helped me get through emotional challenges as well. I started feeling happier and looking at every situation as a learning experience.


What happened next?

in 1993, I decided to move to Los Angeles to become a yoga teacher. Teaching was my first act of service.


What was your second act of service?

I love kids, so I taught yoga at a shelter for young

prostitutes called Children of the Night in Van Nuys,

Calif. Yoga helped them reconnect with their bodies.


How did that lead to other things?

One of my students, Ashley Judd [the actress], calledme to talk about her work with YouthAIDS, an organization that educates children in third-world countries (many of whom are prostitutes) aboutpreventing and managing AIDS. Lots of the kids Iworked with, who had been subjected to prostitution and weren't educated about AIDS, had the disease. Ashley helped me see the urgency of the crisis.


How did you get involved?

I realized I had access to this massive communityof yogis and wondered what would happen if we aligned our intentions to help. So I partnered with companies like Gaiam and Energy Muse Jewelry to sell products to support YouthAIDS. Over a few years we raised several hundred thousand dollars, and I became a national ambassador for YouthAlDS, traveling to India and Cambodia to educate kids about the disease and teach yoga to them.


What's the yoga connection?

Yoga teaches patience, compassion, and tolerance. It can help you feel empowered. I created a program called Off the Mat, Into the World based on this idea. It helps you find your passion through yoga and meditation and then teaches you how to create outreach programs for causes you care about.


Have you found your passion?

Absolutely. Working with sexually abused children and the HIV/AIDS crisis is it, and I hope to raise

money and awareness about them for the rest of my life. This is just the beginning beginning. 

-Stacy Adimando     


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