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Sean Corn interviewed by Chris Phillips-Frishman

Magazine: ORIGIN
May/June 2011




Seane Corn interview

OTM's mission is to empower individuals and inspire conscious, sustainable activism to ignite grassroots social change. We embody this vision by facilitating leadership trainings, fostering community collaboration, and initiating local and global service projects. Each year OTM issues a global challenge to anyone who is interested enough in humanitarian issues and service to raise $zoK via donations from his or her local community. This isn't just about writing a check - the funds must be raised via community activism. We've raised over $zM through the yoga community for service in Cambodia, Uganda and South Africa. In return for raising funds, these yogis get to come with us and see their money being spent. Most recently, we were drawn to South Africa by the ongoing HIV/ AIDS crisis.
We wanted to teach the basics of health education and address children's needs. Tragically, AIDS has taken so many parents and left behind orphans. We started a peereducation program to empower these orphaned children. They loved yoga but had no dedicated space to practice so we were teaching them on the lawn, in a cleared room, wherever. Before we left, OTM built a dedicated yoga room for them. We also created a new library for secondary school children and filled it with 2,000 books. We also built a halfway house for 18-year-olds coming out of orphanages and are at risk for gangs and violence.

Our 2011 Global Seva Challenge is to get on the ground in Haiti where our focus will be clean water, organic farming and permanent shelters. We picked Haiti because it is still in crisis even though the world's atten has moved on. Because we work locally - are free of governmental restrictions, we assure that the aid money goes to the pro agencies and gets used appropriately, in r of getting trapped in bureaucracy or go-into the wrong hands.

OTM catalyzes yogis their sphere of change, t~ansformational potential community - from the neighborhood to globe. We're building a network of yo" leaders who are taking action in the world ·an engaged and intentional way The re we want folks to raise money in their o communities in order to join us in glo service is that it establishes them as lead who can powerfully raise the awareness frothe local to the global

Seane Corn interview imagesWHAT'S NEXT?
We're starting a program here in called the Empowered Youth Initiative to support urban and suburban kids who feel disenfranchised and are risk for drugs, criminal activity and violence. Our other major push is with Yoga Votes, a program to encourage the vote within the yoga community and to provide non-biased information to help yogis engage with the government. If we want to live in a healthy, happy and sane world, we must be aware and involved and step into leadership. There are over 15 million yogis in our country. If we et our time, our money, our interests and our votes in alignment, we will collectively become a powerful voice. Transformation by collective intention is the greatest power - our compassion, strength: focus, flexibility and surrender are the key ingredients for a revolution of the heart. For more information:

Sean's classes are an eclectic fusion of various healing and Spiritual modalities making them intuitive, insightful and educational She was named the ''National Yoga Ambassador" for Youth AIDS, and she utilizes her national platform to bring awareness to the HIV AIDS crisis, and the Cambodian Children- Fund. Seane trains leaders of activism through her cofounded organization Off the Mat, Into tbe World® receiving the 2005 "Conscious Humanitarian" award for her outreach efforts. She bas 3 award winning DVDl- "Vinyasa Flow Yoga'; "Yoga From the Heart" and "Detox Flow Yoga".