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Uniting the tribe one mark
at a time

Magazine: ORIGIN
Issue 6




Uniting the tribe one mark at a timeUniting the tribe one mark at a time

Seane Corn part of tribeHow do you feel when you have been marked in a tribal session?

I feel when marked an awareness of self while being vulnerable and naked. I sense a feeling of being served and prepared for some part of me I do not know or understand. However I become grounded and safe with a sense of purpose with each touch to my skin.

What does being a member and a leader in a tribe mean to you?

Being a member of a tribe means to me responsibility and being authentic to myself and others. To be a leader " for" me is to put others' needs first and being available to offa my gifts if needed, and all the while maintaining a sense of balance and acceptance.

What tribe do you feel apart of?

I'm apart of the global tribe that strives to irnprowe lh! way of life for all through developing awareness of issues that affect us all on a global scale.